NEW EP: Music Inspired by BIRTH OF A NATION

By Ill Mind

NEW EP: Music Inspired by BIRTH OF A NATION

I had the honor of working on music for the film Birth Of A Nation. After watching the pre-screening, I was absolutely blown away and inspired. Although the music I made did not make the final cut in the movie, I felt a need to share it. I present to you: Music Inspired by BIRTH OF A NATION. Enjoy.


  • I wanted information on pricing I wanted to purchase some tracks for my album please get back to me as soon as possible!

    muhammad mccrary on


    Kris van huystee on

  • Will you be selling this as a kit having those stems would be awesome

    LOopd on

  • Any where i can go to downlod and or purchase? I wanna Buy a few tracks..

    ESko on

  • This is fire bruh. My favorite track so far is “Everybody rise” but im sure that will change bcus i like all of them. I might need permission to flip that one. Definitely inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

    B. crayton (producer) on

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