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How does it work?

It's simple. Come and play your music for !llmind. It could be beats and/or songs. You might get some constructive criticism. You might strike a vibe. You can ask questions and get direct advice. Either way, it's your perfect chance to get !llmind's full attention to play him your music. There will be a small group of attendees, so this is the perfect opportunity to also network with each other. You never know who you can hit it off with!

What happens after I've placed my order?

No less than 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE SESSION you will receive a confirmation email from containing a DOWNLOAD LINK to a document containing information regarding exact location & details (what to bring, rules and regulations, etc). You will also receive (via email) a free 100 DAY membership to Output's exciting new plug-in ARCADE (one of my personal favorites!) 

Can I bring guests?

You may only bring one guest with you. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. (HINT: Splitting the cost and going 1/2 with another person could be a good option.)

Where is the studio located?

The exact studio address & contact information will be sent to you in the confirmation email sent no less than 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE SESSION. 

I'm a music producer. Is this my chance to collaborate (and make a beat) with !llmind?

Maybe, but not likely. This session doesn't guarantee that !llmind will want to collaborate with you. If he hears something he likes, then you never know. It's simply an opportunity to play your music for !llmind. There are no guarantees.

I'm a rapper. Does this mean I should expect to do a song with !llmind during our session?

Absolutely not. Again, if you play something he likes, you never know what could happen. 


Thank you for inspiring!

Your Pass The Aux event has really inspired me to not only continue to take my craft seriously, but to collaborate with other like minded people and grow and build with them. You truly give up and coming producers and creators a platform to have their music heard by now a GRAMMY AWARD WINNING producer, and not many producers that are established and have your kind of accolades, will give us up and comers the time of day. So....with that....THANK YOU...Thank you for inspiring, thank you for creating, continue to push us to be better and I wish you nothing but more life and success.

Devin Barkley @therealdev.b

A once in a lifetime experience!

My First time meeting !llmind was back in April this year at the BLAP SESSIONS (PASS THE AUX) in Miami. This was my wife’s surprise birthday gift to me. Being able to play my music, network with my peers and listen to his insight on life as a producer in the industry is a once in a lifetime experience if you’re a fan of his production, Blanchat, or Blapkits. !llmind is a pioneer of music production today and no one is doing it quite like he has.

Micah Bryant @ingmicahinfamous

Endless amounts of take-aways!

Being a new producer, I was nervous going into the event. I wasn't sure if it was the "right time" for me to come, I thought maybe I needed more experience. But the truth is, it was THE EXPERIENCE I needed. From the second he stepped foot into the room he made it extremely comfortable for everyone. Imminently I felt like we were one big family. I was able to learn new production tricks, information about the music industry I had no knowledge on and I made some awesome connections. Pass the aux is something I would recommend to anyone at any stage of their career. There are an endless amount of take aways. Can't wait to attended the next one!

Luve Dawson @luvedawson

“These private BLAP SESSIONS (pass the aux) gave me a whole new drive and outlook on how I can help impact + inspire the community I come from. I can't wait to meet more of you!”

Ramon "!llmind" Ibanga Jr

Founder, Grammy Award Winning music producer


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