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"Pass The Aux" ONLINE EXPERIENCE [Metaverse] With !llmind 11/21/22

"Pass The Aux" ONLINE EXPERIENCE [Metaverse] With !llmind 11/21/22

Connect with Illmind + 30 music creators in the Metaverse! (virtual reality)

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21st 2022 8:00 PM EST


  • ✅ PAY WHAT YOU WANT! (choose your own price)





How does it work?

It's simple. Connect to our metaverse from your computer or phone (or VR goggles) from a simple LINK sent to your email after you register. Illmind will go around and play everyone's music individually (beats or songs). You'll get some constructive criticism in the process. You might strike a vibe. You can ask questions and get direct advice. Either way, it's your perfect chance to get !llmind's full attention to play him your music and connect with other members! There will be other creators in the metaverse room at the same time, so this is the perfect opportunity to also get to know each other. You never know who you can hit it off with!


Join Illmind in his private Penthouse Metaverse with music creators from across the globe for the ultimate networking and critique party.

It's as easy as one click to enter the metaverse (just need an email) and a computer or phone (no need for VR goggles, although you CAN use them!)

Reserve your slot to Connect in the Metaverse (via and play YOUR beats/songs for !llmind + 30 music creators from the comfort of your own home. It's like a 4 hour private beat/song cypher in the metaverse. ONLY 30 SLOTS AVAILABLE AT ONE TIME.


MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21st 2022 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST (approximately 4 hours)


Choose your own price!!! Make an offer!! You decide how valuable this experience is to you.  THE TOP 20 HIGHEST OFFERS will be accepted to attend (credit/debit no crypto) *** Average price per ticket based on past events is $250 *** BUY NOW price is $500 for guaranteed entry.

How many slots are there per session?

Each Metaverse session is limited to only 30 slots. First come, first serve. 

I'm currently a member of the SQUAD OF KNIGHTS. Do I get a discount for this?

If you currently posses at least ONE Squad Of Knights NFT, then you are eligible to attend FOR FREE. We will allow up to 10 SOK members to join during any given session. These will be FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. Please check the SOK Discord channel for more info on how to register. PLEASE ONLY REGISTER IF YOU ARE 100% ABLE TO ATTEND so as to reserve space for people who can come.

What happens after I've made an offer for a ticket?

IF YOU ARE CHOSEN, you will receive an email acceptance to FINISH PROCESSING YOUR ORDER. After your ticket order is paid, processed and successful, you will receive a confirmation email from containing a DOWNLOAD LINK to a document containing information on how to log into our METAVERSE PENTHOUSE space, what to look out for and how to best prepare yourself for the experience. You will also receive (via email) a free download to Illmind's Black Box Bundle sound pack (a $1750 VALUE for free, 25 GB of original sounds for your productions).

Can I bring guests?

You're more than welcome to have anyone in the room with you (in real life). Unfortunately we will only have time for YOU to play your music ONLY, so no alternating slots with a friend.

How many beats/songs will I be able to play?

To accommodate everyone's time, you will have time to play ONE beat/song, so choose wisely!

What is "the Metaverse" and how does this work?

The "metaverse" is another term for "virtual reality". It's kind of like a video game where you can navigate and move around, talk to one another, etc. It's way cooler than ZOOM or any video conference thing. We use a platform called SPATIAL to host our events. You'll see. It's pretty nuts!


I'm a music producer. Is this my chance to collaborate (and make a beat) with !llmind?

Maybe, but not likely. This session doesn't guarantee that !llmind will want to collaborate with you. If he hears something he likes, then you never know. It's simply an opportunity to play your music for !llmind. There are no guarantees.

I'm a rapper. Does this mean I should expect to do a song with !llmind during our session?

Absolutely not. Again, if you play something he likes, you never know what could happen. 
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