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Stay truly connected with !llmind 

Grammy Award Winning producer for Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Drake, Kendrick, J Cole & more.

It's like being mentored at the comfort of your own home.

Our camera follows !llmind's every move (in HD).

Gain insight about the music industry with priceless content & so much more.

By joining this club, you will receive the following:

  • 1. Exclusive !PC only VIDEO CONTENT 
  • "Illmind rant" style Q&A motivational videos (not the same stuff you see on Instagram)
  • Delivered EVERY FRIDAY
  • 2. Exclusive "Illmind sample loops" for collab (potential placement)
  • Delivered the 1st day of EVERY MONTH
  • 3. Private !PC only chatroom. Live 24/7 connect with !llmind & other members!
  • Huge chat with IPC members + Pass The Aux attendees
  • 4. 60% OFF all drum kits and samples on + REDUCED PRICE on "PASS THE AUX" Online Experience
  • Everything. Even the "bundles" + special reduced price on
  • "PASS THE AUX" Online Experience
  • 5. EARLY ACCESS free download on NEW KIT DROPS
  • Any time a new kit drops, you get it automatically
  • 6. SEND MELODY LOOPS to Illmind
  • For collab purposes. If Illmind likes your loop(s) he'll create beats
  • with them and shop around for placement


priceless information + exclusive content

directly from Illmind

NO middle men

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